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Do you wish to become an interim manager?

This is a unique opportunity to develop your management skills

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Become an interim manager

We always want to get in touch with talented candidates who have management experience. A career path as an interim manager can provide you with extended knowledge as well as exciting challenges.

Why become an interim manager?

Temporary management employment is a segment with strong growth. An increasing number of organisations in both private and public sectors see the need for an interim manager who is able to enter a management position for a defined period. As an interim manager you will have a lot of responsibility as well as varied tasks. You will have to get acquainted with a new business in a short period of time, however you will learn a lot about different industries. It provides a unique opportunity to challenge yourself in the face of new situations, develop your leadership skills and make a difference for others. It is an exciting career.

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Expand your network

Working as an interim manager you will have an exceptional opportunity to connect with range of companies, a variety of working cultures and new colleagues. This will enable you to expand your network, build some relationships that may prove useful in furthering your career.

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Strengthen competence and awareness

Our customers come from a variety of different industries and sectors. Different industries organise responsibilities and perform tasks in a different way. As an interim manager you get the opportunity to build on and strengthen your competence. In addition, culture and working environments will vary from company to company. In every meeting with a new company and a new colleague your leadership skills develop, and you gain new insight.


Freedom and flexibility

Interim managers are hired for a set period, often no longer than one year at a time. This means you do not have to commit to long periods at a time. Between assignments it gives you great freedom to take a break and pursue other dreams and hobbies. The wide range of assignments we offer also gives you greater flexibility in the choice of employer and tasks. Together with our advisors, you can choose the assignment you feels suits you and your future best.


Do you want to become an interim manager?

Are you an engaged leader who wants a unique career challenge?


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