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About Agile Interim

Agile Interim are specialists in interim search providing interim managers and management for hire, leaders who can step into a leadership role quickly for a defined period, so-called interim management.

We supply interim managers and management for hire to companies, both in private and public sector in Norway. 

Agile Interim is part of the Adolfsen Group, which has advised, recruited and staffed companies for over 20 years.

Our advisers have extensive experience with management for hire, executive search, management recruitment, application processes and candidate evaluation. This has given us a unique competence to provide businesses with the best interim managers.

We are the most innovative executive interim company in the Nordics and offer a unique combination of experience and technology to ensure that we always provide the best candidates for your needs.

We have a large database of qualified interim managers while also utilizing the latest AI-generated executive search methodology to find the best available interim candidates for our clients.

Our unique approach to interim search ensures that we can always provide the most suitable interim candidates for any assignment, helping our clients achieve success in a competitive market.

From the moment you sign an agreement with us to the time we present interim candidates, we take 48 hours.


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Agile Interim Search Team


Hilde Lekven

Managing Partner

Hilde Lekven works as Managing Partner in Agile Interim. Hilde has held key management positions in both private and public sectors, including Telenor, Adecco Group, and most recently Otiga Group, where served as Group CEO.

She has 18 years of experience in recruitment, staffing, executive search, interim search and management for hire.

Hilde has extensive top management experience, leading several change- and restructuring processes as well as crisis management. Hilde has considerable experience with financing, M&A and has raised capital from the bond market.

Hilde is also CEO of the investment company Advisory Group and Chair at the Executive Search company InterSearch Norway.

Hilde has held several election committee and board positions and has extensive board expertise.  

She has her education from the University of Stavanger and an MBA in Strategic Management from NHH, the Norwegian School of Economics.

Kristin Røed Eriksen - Agile Interim

Kristin Røed Eriksen


Kristin works as a partner in Agile Interim. She is an experienced manager with a solid background from various management roles in Norwegian and international companies in the construction industry. In Saint-Gobain Byggevarer, Kristin led strategic and operational sales before she took over as managing director. After the merger with Glava, she was responsible for the Business Unit Weber/Leca, before she transitioned into the role as a director of organizational development and management.

Her experience ranges from organizational development and sales management, to production structure and strategy development. As a top manager, she has initiated and led multiple restructuring processes of various kinds.

Kristin has board competence and experience from board positions in Bygg Reis Deg and Byggevareindustriens Forening.

She holds a "Bachelor of International Business" from Økonomisk College with specialization courses in "Organization and Management" at the University in Oslo. 


Hilde Apneseth


Hilde works as a partner at Agile Interim. She has extensive experience in B2B sales and sales management in the media and advertising industry. During the pandemic, Hilde was the CEO of Metro Sounds, and has practical experience in crisis management and running small and medium-sized businesses. At Metro Sounds, Hilde led the development of new digital services to expand the company's revenue streams.

Hilde was a board member of the Norwegian Local Radio Association where she actively worked with politicians and bureaucrats to improve the industry's framework conditions. She is the chairman of the podcast agency Gjenklang and has extensive expertise in B2B marketing. She has studied and worked in the UK, USA, and South Africa, and has practical experience in diversity management and handling cultural differences.

Hilde has a BA Hons in Single Marketing from the University of Strathclyde, UK, and an MA in Sociology from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. She has taken an Executive Master's course in Technology Management and Digital Transformation at NTNU and an Executive Master's course in Consulting at BI.